Import & Export Manufacturing – ODM & OEM Products


The terms ODM and OEM relate to the product manufacturing.

ODM – Original Design Manufacturing

OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturing

Often the two can be confused as they are essentially very similar.

oem v odm import export


OEM – Original Equipment Manufacturing

This manufacturing type indicates a company or a firm that carries out their own product design and build according to their own specifications, these products are then sold to other enterprises who then become responsible for the distribution. “Company A” produces products on behalf of “Company B”, after which “Company B” then markets the products under their own brand name.

ODM – Original Design Manufacturing

An ODM manufacturer is responsible for the design and build of a product following another company’s specifications.

In summary, OEM enterprises design products as per their own specifications, on the other hand ODM enterprises design products as per other company’s requirements.

The key advantage of the OEM route is that purchasers can obtain products without setting up their own factory. The OEM route therefore helps purchasing companies to decrease their production costs.

Ultimahub provides both options for buyers and retailers.

If you would like to import our products directly to market directly this will be the fastest route to take. It is also the best solution for those initially entering into the import/export market venture.

If on the other hand you have your own designs and branding which you wish to manufacture according to your exact specifications then we can manufacture it, take care of the quality control, sampling and arrange the exporting and shipping. We can also assist you with the product design if your current design is not yet complete.

For more information or to begin the process please contact us and one of our dedicated consultants will be happy to help you.